Bhavana Wedding Management

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Invite Design and Distribution

bhvana stage docorations We work with some of the most innovative and stylish young graphic designers and printers in the country. If you prefer we can work with your own tried and trusted well "hand-on" supervise both the design and the printing process. Checking that your vision becomes reality on paper. You will get the benefit of stream-lined. After all nothing should get in the way of the originality quality and impact of the perfect wedding, invitation sent at the perfect time.

The venue - scouring and booking

Our wedding management team have the rates and description of all kinds of venues from convention centers, hotels to outdoor grounds private heritage places around India. We know what you should be paying what we do there and what can will work best for your big day.


Our team has present at many of the biggest and important wedding function. We can create photography and videography, room service systems, beautician and hair style specialist your VIP and family guests will have the benefit and services of specialist hospitality manager's hostesses. The team will provide your guests with an unforgettable, warm and memorable experience.

Transport Arrangements

India's most popular high Car, Horse, Elephant, Taanga-Baggi, camel, Ac.Bus and all transport facilities arrange for you. Together with traffic coordinators, valet parking, baggage handling, driver management systems, specialist vehicle décor design and vehicle logging systems to track daily cost.

Cuisine Selection and Catering Management

From menu design to final presentation, wedding planners combine tired and tested experience with a wealth of new ideas. We have an excellent team of catering people to meet your requirements. We are wellknown in TRAVANCORE STYLE catering service.

Regardless of what you're looking for and irrespective of how many people you're serving. Our wedding planners will that the timing. Taste and visual presentation of your customized menu goes well beyond your expectations.

Bhavana Wedding decorators share a holistic 'Big-Picture' approach to stage and venue design. We oversee the design and construction of legend and flawless tents, stages, mandaps, landscapes, table layout, hall decorations and name plates.

Combining it all with color coded floral designs specialist lighting and sound, art and artifacts and all the details that create a beautiful, line forgettable space.

Events and Entertainments

Performances and themes that will enthrall and entertain your guests, who to work with, who to avoid talent sourcing, negotiation and liaison to get the very best out of each event and artist, we have worked with the whole range of entertainments. At every budget level every art-form and culture, and every occasion. We will put you directly in touch with the artists, or negotiate and book them will behalf BHAVANA Decorations teams will also work budget, interceding between you and the attested to find the correct balance and the best quality sound, lights, lasers and special "Fx".

Organizing Customized Functions

We believe our role is to help build wedding into an extraordinary and memorable journey, along the way, you will decide on a number of smaller and larger functions ranging from a simple family lunch to a full-blown theme party , Apart from the creative and design inputs BHAVANA’s you.