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bhvana stage docorations Bhavana Stage Decorations is all surprise for you with its vivid and varied collection of ornamentation. To make your event an ever memorable one, it takes special care in the exposition of every minute details of decoration it undertakes. When it comes to a wedding, engagement, corporate meeting, baptism, ceremonies or other functions, Bhavana finds time to discuss with its clients to know their taste of aesthetics and work with them accordingly. The receptions Bhavana co-ordinate for your guests can compete with any world class one’s available at present.

Our wedding stage or hall decorations include the use of finest fabrics with soul soothing colors that create a sense of easiness and relaxation among your esteemed guests. The experts of our floral decorations will bring fresh flowers from the garden that waft aroma on your great day. The use of sophisticated lights and shadows for molding the event into a paradise is our special attraction. Bhavana uses the latest decorations with fashion and symmetry to suit the event accordingly. The whole stage that we create for you will surely compact with your dreams, as we would like to work with you as a team, and value your opinion and ideas with utmost care and patience. Balloon arches being an attraction of the day now, Bhavana has the best pop-out colourful balloon arcs for the needy on their event’s day.

For the best dining of your guests, we have the most well fixed arrangements. Our table settings go in par with the food canopies we provide. For instance, light colored fabrics go along with fresh fruits and drinks; and the tables on the occasion are decked with beautiful flower vases and other natural things. The elegance of table cloths and cushions will be quite magnetic for the guests to not deny them. We arrange the dining hall with elegance and comfort so that it gives ample space for your guests to have their private talks. The shapes and fashions of the tables we provide vary according to the need and priority of the clients. The entire accessories for the dinners will be at hand on the table before the guests start their sumptuous meal.

Bhavana respects and studies the cultural and religious diversity of India, and organizes events that suits to the need of the customers. Keeping in mind the religion of the customer, we have a comprehensive package for all religious functions including that of Hindus, Christians and Muslims. The clients will never find any shortcoming regarding their traditional and values as Bhavana has a fist full of people who has the knowhow of religious culture. The Mandapas or Wedding dais we create for you is faultless and majestic. We also have our own well decked transporting facilities for your auspicious event. Your guest will feel the ease of travelling with supreme facilities.

For the Bride and groom, our talented personnel have embellished cars that make them so special and couple of the day. Car decoration is an art for us and we change the style each time to make it unique so that it doesn’t look quite customary or repeated. Floral decoration of the wedding car includes the use of ribbons, bouquet, stickers, cosmetic enhancement, balloons and the best musical system. Our car decoration makes the couple’s vehicle outshine all the moving machines on the road and catches even a passive mind’s attention.

Bhavana also undertakes the organization of all kinds of cultural works including religious saptaham, kuthiyottam, conventions and other regional ceremonies. It has a separate wing for the pandal works which is adept in erecting roofs according the need of the client.

Bhavana completed a thousand of memorised work in GDM Mikas Convention Centre Crown Auditorium Kayamkulam, Bhuvi Convention Centre, Harippad, Vipanchika and Majestic Charumoodu, AVM Nooranadu, and other wedding venus in Tiruvalla, Chengannur and Kattanam .